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Lexington High School Jazz Combo

The Lexington High School Jazz Combo is one of two honors ensembles at the apex of Lexington High’s extensive jazz program. Founded in 1984, the group has performed extensively all over the country and in Europe, including the Monterrey Jazz Festival, the Montreax Jazz Festival, and the Charles Mingus Jazz Festival in New York. Honors include top prizes at the Mingus Festival, the UMass Jazz Festival and the UNH Jazz Festival.

The combo seeks to perform a wide range of music from all over the world of jazz past and present, as well as writing their own music. The group has performed with such luminaries as Luis Bonilla, Nadje Noordhuis, Jason Palmer, Makoto Ozone, and many others. Graduates of the combo have continued to colleges including New England Conservatory, Northwestern, Yale, Harvard, and many other prestigious schools, and to successful careers in and out of music

Lexington High School Jazz Combo


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